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PCS is a fully accredited PreK3-12th grade Chritian school.  We are accredited through ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International).  We follow Indiana Academic Standards and participate in all standardized state testing. 


All subjects are taught from a Christian worldview. 

We offer Core 40 and Honors Diplomas for our high school students.  We are also working to accommodate many of the new graduation pathways for the graduating classes of 2023 and later. Our goal is to provide a quality education to our students while honoring God and His Word.



Portage Christian School provides Academic Excellence:


Students are enriched with academic aptitude tempered by a Christian worldview.  They master essential skills to investigate, problem solve, and make wise and informed decisions in all academic areas through the lens of a biblical worldview.  Students foster intellectual curiosity, and display independent, effective study habits. Our students develop the ability to go beyond knowledge to become critical thinkers and  lifelong learners.  PCS students demonstrate effective communication and technology skills for successful engagement in postsecondary opportunities. 


Portage Christian School provides Spiritual Growth opportunities: 


Students will commit their lives to Christ through Godly character and behavior.  Students will demonstrate a clear understanding of the Bible through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Students will also defend their faith in Biblical truth.  Students will model Christ-like behavior through applying a Biblical worldview to all areas of life.  Students will follow His commands by loving and respecting God and all of creation.  Students will be able to articulate a Christian worldview to carry out The Great Commission. 


Portage Christian School provides development of Godly Character:


Students will exhibit Godly wisdom, integrity, compassion, perseverance, and kindness when accomplishing goals.  PCS students will respect their bodies as the temple of the Holy Spirit, maintaining a pure and healthy lifestyle.  Students will appreciate the merit of self and others because God made human beings in His image.  Our students will demonstrate leadership skills through engaging in community and mission service. Students will actively engage their Biblical Worldview into the realm of society by resolving conflicts using Biblical principles and respecting all God-given authorities. 

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